Artist's Statement

Artist working in studio with maquette and finished version of IMPACT.

"The sole purpose of the artist is neither descriptive nor imitation but the creation of unknown beings from elements which are always present but not apparent."
—Raymond Duchamp-Villon, 1909

For me, the "creation of unknown beings" requires the collaboration of my companion, CLAY. I do not approach CLAY with a preconceived notion of what will result from our encounter. The process of handling the clay stimulates and informs my creative process. Much depends on the plasticity of the clay, which can vary considerably. Much also depends on the tools which I use to shape the clay and create textures.

The "unknown beings" that are created draw heavily on my subconscious memories. The human figure, bones, stones, dramatic architecture, African, Egyptian, pre-Columbian art and artists whose works have evoked emotional responses within me are among the sources from which I subconsciously draw.

—Tom Schottman